Social drop-in sessions at Oakham and Melton - what you might like to know!

Pepper’s runs regular social drop-in sessions every week at our centres in Melton and Oakham.

They’re a chance for people to come in and chat to other members of the local community, or talk to one of our volunteers. But what else goes on when you step through our Pepper’s front door?


We thought it’d be helpful to answer a few questions that may be buzzing around in your head, and so you can picture what to expect when you’re ready to join us for the first time!


  • First of all, you will most definitely be treated to a hot cup of tea, coffee or chocolate! We also have a selection of fruit and herbal teas, as well as decaf options and cold drinks like squash (usually a couple of different flavours, too)!
  • We’ll always have biscuits, and sometimes cake. If you have an intolerance, you’re very welcome to bring your own snacks to one of our sessions.
  • Both centres have a few different tables, and you’re welcome to sit wherever you’re most comfortable. There’s usually a bigger table with more people around it, plus a couple of places to sit if you’d feel better with just one or two other people to chat to. We also have a quieter area within the main centres for 1-2-1 conversations.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to make new friends because we’re open to all adults aged 18+ and we get all sorts of lovely people at Pepper’s – it’s a real mix of ages and genders, and people come for all sorts of different reasons: anxiety, depression, a more severe mental health diagnosis, bereavement, loneliness, overwhelm, stress, those who want to take care of themselves and their wellbeing – the list goes on. We’re open to anyone who feels they need us, and you can tell us as much or as little about yourself as you wish. There’s no pressure, and certainly no judgement. We want to be a safe space for all.
  • Our Oakham centre is upstairs and our Melton centre has curtains across the windows during our drop-in sessions so you don’t have to worry about being seen in Pepper’s if you don’t want to be - we respect your privacy.
  • We have colouring, games, books and quizzes – if you want to sit and do something like this, you’re very welcome to!
  • You don’t have to come at the beginning of the session, or stay until the end. And you don’t need to book. Just drop-in when you can, and stay for as long as you wish.
  • When you’ve been coming for a few sessions, you’ll start to see some regular faces and get to know people. We also welcome new friends on a frequent basis, so you’ll never be alone!
  • Our managers are Pippa (Oakham) and Jenny (Melton) - they're happy to chat with you before you come along. And to find out a little more about them, have a look at the Meet our Team page!
  • We recognise that it’s hard taking that first step – but we’re here for you! There are more FAQs here, and we’d love to hear from you by email or phone if you’d feel reassured by getting in touch with us first – you can find our contact information on the homepage of our website,
  • And finally, look here for our session times - and we hope to see you soon!