Pride 2023

Here at Pepper's we support all LGBTQIA+ communties all year round but pride is a a particularly special time to celebrate this. Pride is a time to celebrate, reflect and support those in the LGBTQIA+ community as we aim to do all year round, allowing our members to truly be themselves. We hope to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable at Pepper's no matter their sexuality, gender or identity. Everyone is welcome at Pepper's. 

Mental Health can be a struggle for those within the LGBTQIA+ communtiy and here at Pepper's we strive to be an open and welcome space for anyone who is struggling with their mental health, whatever the reason may be. Our team and members are supportive of anyone within the LGBTQIA+ communtiy who is having any stuggles and we encourage you to come along to one of our drop-in sessions or come and take part in one of our gardening or art sessions. 

Our members have been enjoying taking part in Pride themed art activities and some of these have been displayed in our Pride themed window display in Oakham. 

Photo credit: @richard_in_rutland