Personal Stories


Pepper's is a safe place for anyone struggling with their mental health, we aim to provide a space for people to relax and unwind, away from their daily stresses, giving them a chance to get back into the community and socialise with others.

Below are two letters from members explaining what Pepper's means to them.

'Just a short note filled with a massive thank you to all at Pepper's from the volunteers and members for saving my world and for helping change the way I think from negative to positive.

I have been welcomed at every single session I have attended on a twice weekly session for the past 6 months. I have felt so comfortable, so much so that I am an attempted suicide survivor who has been able to express my emotions so much so that I feel that Pepper's has saved my life due to the support and wonderful company in the group.'

'I have made friends socially and felt valued as a person. I have felt very well supported by all the volunteers. The group has run through lockdown, I have appreciated this as this has reduced isolation for me.

During the week, between Pepper's sessions we message and support each other, using social media.'

If you have any questions about coming to Pepper's, please give us a message.

It's ok not to be ok.