Our Horticultural Show Entry 2024


This year was our third year entering Root and Branch Out’s Community Pots competition at the Rutland County Show. The theme this year was 190 to celebrate the 190th County Show. Read more about our community pot entry below.

An unusual theme meant our team had to think outside the box. We chose to look into numerology and the meaning’s behind each number.


Number 1

Meaning- Bold, courageous, determined and a leader

Our Plant- We have chosen the poppy, a symbol of strength, pushing through against all odds (often growing in harsh terrains) and a symbol of hope for a peaceful future.


Number 9

Meaning- Compassion, mystical and charming

Our Plant- We felt the beautiful Osteospermum with its striking and attractive orange flowers (a symbol of happiness) lent itself to number 9.


Number 0

Meaning- Infinite Potential

Our Plant- We chose the Celebration Hebe. Hebe’s symbolise vitality and blossoming nature. This shape shifter with its limitless forms (evergreen leaves and summer flowers) is the perfect number 0. And the perfect addition for celebrating 190 shows.


Hidden in between you'll find two of our favourite herbs, thyme and the curry plant. Their varying textures, strong scents, colour variations and practical, culinary uses engage all of your senses. Not to mention they’re great for the butterflies and bees!


The meanings behind 1, 9 and 0 not only reflect the huge milestone of 190 county shows, but also the determination, courage, hope and compassion found in our community at Pepper’s.


Our lovely plants will soon find their forever home at the Community Wellbeing Garden.

Find out more about our gardening groups in Oakham and Melton and when you can get involved here. We'd love to see you soon.

We were so pleased to receive a gold award for our planter which is now displayed in it's new home at Oakham Fire Station.

After the show our team went to collect a huge donation of plants from HMP Stocken which will be a great addition to the garden. We'll be planting all of these out on Tuesday 11th June and hope to see some of you at there.

All adults are welcome at the Community Garden, pop by and say hi. Our next session can be found here.